“Mitel 'SIP Center of Excellence' is pleased to announce that it fully supports and endorses The SIP School and the SSCA” Anshu Prasad, Mitel
“Your course was amazing” Hugo, Dataphone Mexico
“I like what you are offering a lot!!!” Davy, Trinity Convergence.
“I found the SIP training very informative and it has given me a good understanding of how SIP works which is what I was looking for” Patrick, Totalcomm.
“The SIP training was comprehensive and informative, I like the interactive web format and your delivery and style was very good” Martin, Support Span.
“Lots' of good info (even as revision for what I should already know)” Dave, Affiniti
“Fantastic” Roy, Time4Lime
“By far this course is way ahead of the Nortel offering” Tim, Bell Canada
“I did find the training awesome, it helped a lot covering many topics” Kenny, Fulton Communications
“Having just completed the SIP training, I must say that I am VERY HAPPY with the training that was provided by your school” Joe, Avaya
“The training is very helpful and detailed. I can not think of anything negative” Larry, TDS Telecom
“I have to say that this was the best, most informative networking class that I have taken to date” Eric, Marconet
“The SIP Mitel Style course was very informative and I have recommended it to others” Chris, Marconet
“Classes (online) were awesome. They were easy to follow and full of great information” Kent, Hyde Telecom
“Detailed and easy to follow ” Mike, Ottawa-Carleton District School Board
“The SIP School is an excellent resource that I personally recommend.” Alan Percy, Dialogic
“The course was excellent” José Luis, Telssa - Nicaragua
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